Tegan finds Lockie at the hospital – but will she believe him when he tells her what Cameron’s done? Lockie flees the hospital when he finds out Cameron’s on his way and goes to the Lomaxes. Cameron’s waiting for him and throws a petrol can at Lockie, which he catches, giving Cameron the opportunity to take a photo and frame Lockie for trying to set the house on fire. Cameron orders his brother to leave or he’ll go to the police with the photo. Leela and Tegan find the shack and are shocked by what they see…

Later that night, Lockie’s walking along a back road when Cameron pulls up and offers him a lift. Lockie reluctantly gets in the car, but John Paul’s witnessed the exchange.

Meanwhile, Mrs St Claire gives the students until lunchtime to own up to the graffiti. When Peri comes forward, Mrs St Claire suspends her, but still plans to punish the rest of the students. Louis is concerned by her irrational behaviour and calls the governors.

Lindsey steals a used positive pregnancy test from the hospital and shows it to Cindy to ‘prove’ she’s pregnant. She plants the test in the bathroom bin for Joe and Mercedes to find but Joe thinks it belongs to Mercedes. Lindsey admits ‘the truth’… that she’s the one expecting a baby!

Also, Grace tries to convince Esther she wants to be with her, but she’s lying to herself. When Esther finds Grace’s engagement ring in Curtis’s changing bag, she storms out.