When the police arrive in the village to find Alex’s killer, Cameron has to cover his fear at being caught and pretend to Debbie he’s grieving for his dead friend. But when Alex’s granny Beattie turns up and asks Cameron to organise a memorial service for Alex, it’s a little too much for even cold-hearted Cameron as the net appears to be closing in…

On a mission to get to the bottom of Rhona’s mood swings and odd behaviour, Paddy reckons she’s having an affair. When Laurel tells Paddy she’s seen a man (Rhona’s dealer) visiting Smithy Cottage, Paddy decides to confront Rhona, but he’s faced with a bigger shock – his wife in bed with Vanessa!

Declan is the talk of the village as he’s arrested on suspicion of Alex’s murder. With his neighbours gossiping behind his back, it looks like the fight has left the businessman.