Cameron escapes from a prison van! (VIDEO)

*First episode*

As serial killer Cameron is being transported to a different prison, the van he’s travelling in is ambushed! He’s clearly in on the heist, which sees armed men force the guards to unlock the doors by threatening to harm them. Before long, Cameron is a free man and not only has a new set of clothes to change in to – but a passport.

Having spent the night with Paddy, Chas is in turmoil. As Marlon and Laurel show their disapproval, she pleads with them not to tell Rhona. Paddy meanwhile isn’t so bothered. In fact, as he admits to Chas, he’s not sure if it was a mistake as he was really happy when they were together.

Ruby gets Ali’s back up by suggesting they both take on extra shifts to pay for artificial insemination. What further irritates Ali is having to tell Sean she can’t afford to pay for his school trip because of her and Ruby’s baby-making plans.