Cameron fights for Debbie – and their baby

Cameron’s out of a job and after he tells Debbie he hit Carl he loses her, too. She doesn’t want a man who’s just like her dad (although she doesn’t seem to mind a man who looks as old as her dad…) And she doesn’t think she wants his baby, either. What?! Cameron’s stunned by the news that Debbie’s pregnant and shocked to hear she’s considering having an abortion. Desperate to prove himself to her, he goes to Carl and apologises and – thanks to Jimmy – gets his job back. That gesture and his declaration of undying love win Debbie over. But she warns him that he’s on his last chance.

Jimmy wants another chance, but Nicola won’t give him one. Kelly wants another chance, but Jimmy won’t give her one. Nicola wants the life she loved with Jimmy but that’s gone. Kelly thinks that means she can still make Jimmy hers, but he tells her he only sees her so he can see Elliot. Meanwhile, Rodney does his best to fight Jimmy’s corner, but Nicola can be very stubborn…

Gennie just wants one chance with Nikhil but, instead, watches him take his chances with Chas.

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