Cameron gets Debbie into bed!

No… They didn’t! Yes… They did! Cameron and Debbie are putting their clothes back on after having sex. How did that happen??? Well, Cameron goes to see Debbie, to make sure she’s not going tell anyone that they kissed – and they kiss again! And end up in bed! Now he’s got a lot more to worry about! And Debbie? She’s in shock and terrified of her feelings for Cameron. Ha! Imagine how she’d feel if she knew she’d just had sex with a killer…

Bernice is unhappy with Steve because he’s the reason Diane won’t sell her the pub. Diane doesn’t like him and she doesn’t trust him and she’s told him that to his face… It was a brilliant moment. What Diane hasn’t told Steve is that she’s also unhappy with him because she thinks he’s having an affair with Nicola. But Diane’s not one to hold her tongue for long and she pays Steve a visit.

Moira brings out the best in Cain – again – when she points out how distressed Zak is by Debbie’s antics. Cain stands up for Zak – but tramples on Debbie. He tells her to stay away from Zak from now on.