Cameron has a point to make to Gennie

Cameron’s good at pointing the finger at other people… He killed Carl but let Chas take the blame; he killed Alex but then made out that Alex was a thief who did a runner; he broke Debbie’s heart – properly smashed it – but blames her for going crazy and tormenting Chas and his sons. Now he’s turning on Gennie, blaming her for making Chas suspicious of him. Well, he does keep disappearing… What neither Gennie nor Chas know is that Cameron’s panicking because the development plans for Home Farm mean that Alex’s body could soon be exposed. It’s all too much for Cameron and he wants to do a runner. But Gennie is in his way…

Priya gets in the way of Rishi’s lie about being Archie’s father by telling him to take a paternity test. She’s not sharing her inheritance on the say-so of a scrubber – that’s Rachel, the cleaner. Uh-oh.

Debbie wants to find out why Amy would want to cause trouble by saying that Kerry is neglecting Jack and Sarah. Yeah, Andy, why would she lie? Andy thinks it’s because they kissed and because Amy wants him so badly she’d lie about her mother to get her out of the picture. Wow! Someone has a high opinion of themselves, don’t they, Andy?