Leela bumps into Cameron while she’s jogging. They talk about old times but Ziggy angrily watches and tells Cameron to leave. When the Lomaxes are burgled and Leela is attacked, everyone’s first suspicion is Cameron and he is arrested. Leela is distraught at the thought of Cameron attacking her and leaving her in pain.

Joe is desperate for Sandy to believe he’s innocent. Lindsey goes to see Joe too and his behaviour makes her think maybe he is guilty…

Blessing gets her a cab and some money but Maxine refuses to go and looks at Dennis in disbelief that he could betray her like this. Patrick tells Maxine that her wedding dress company has gone bust over-night, leaving her without a dress.

Cindy’s bipolar worsens as she imagines that her and Rhys are planning their escape to Hawaii; they just need to collect Hilton from the hospital but Holly and Dirk want to go to the hospital too. Everyone’s plans are ruined when Hilton has to stay in hospital for another week.