Cameron is on the run at a port

*Second episode*

Escaped convict Cameron’s clearly making headway as he arrives at a ferry terminal. Back in the village, Debbie’s thrown by a series of silent phonecalls. But when DC Flanagan fills her and Chas in on Cameron’s escape, suddenly the calls make sense. Debbie’s terrified as she presumes her ex-fiance will come back for her.

After Chas gently bursts Paddy’s love dream about them reconciling, the vet realises he may have got a bit carried away. When Vanessa then reveals she’s told Rhona all about his betrayal, he’s livid. But it turns out to be a trick to make him realise who he really loves…

There’s a row over at Tenant’s as Ali ends up giving Sean the money for his school trip. Ruby’s not happy as Ali tells her she can’t just drop the kids for their new baby. Determined to get pregnant, Ruby sneaks off and makes a mysterious phonecall to someone she’s clearly hoping can help.