Will Cameron and Leela tie the knot?

There are secrets and lies galore as Leela and Cameron prepare to walk down the aisle...

It’s Cameron and Leela’s wedding day and Cameron’s gone missing. Courtney tricks Cameron into meeting her, while Leela finds his confession letter. Leela and Cameron are standing at the altar – but what does Leela know about Cameron’s crimes?

When Sienna receives a threatening Christmas card, Warren goes to the bar where the photo of Sienna and Joel was taken. Joel’s confused when he sees his dad there – will Sienna be found out?

Cindy’s shocked when she finds Holly and Nick in a compromising position in the back of Dirk’s van – she forbids them from dating while they’re living under her roof. Later, Cindy, Dirk, Holly and Alfie are moving into the Roscoes’ but they’re alarmed when they hear someone upstairs…

Also, Scott’s slept on John Paul’s bedroom floor and is thrilled to be asked to stay for Christmas Dinner. Scott sees an apology text pop up on John Paul’s phone from James – will he delete it?