Is Cameron on his knee grovelling to Chas for leaving her alone in Emmerdale for so long? Oh, he’s doing a lot more than that… Cameron returns just as Chas has made up her mind to leave Emmerdale. She’s discovered that it was Sean who broke her window – the lad hates what she did to his dad, Dan (the whole two-hour marriage thing) and refuses to apologise. So now there’s Thomas and Sean… and Debbie and Charity and Cain and Bernice who all want Chas gone. Ashley offers sympathy, but also adds that he’ll be moving out because the pub’s not a safe place to live any more. So when Cameron shuffles in, expecting a warm welcome, he gets an ultimatum, instead: leave Emmerdale with Chas or stay without her.

Lisa gets tough with Belle, too. She’s convinced Belle has done the deed with Luke and thinks she needs to go on the Pill. That means a mother-and-daughter outing to see the doctor – which Belle isn’t looking forward to.

Priya is looking forward to lunch with her family and David’s – but David isn’t and Pollard wants to know why. It’s because dozy David didn’t actually propose to Priya but hasn’t got the, er, courage to become disengaged.

*Second episode*

So Chas is all packed and ready to leave. Bernice is happy, but killer Cameron’s not. Well, he knows where Alex’s body is buried and wants to make sure no one finds it. But that’s not what he tells Chas. He tells her she shouldn’t let herself be bullied and asks her to stay in Emmerdale – and marry him! Hmmm, this could be tricky. Cameron likes getting his own way so if Chas says ‘no’ he might get upset – and he might need to dig another grave. But Chas doesn’t know he killed Carl and Alex, so she doesn’t know she has to be careful…

Lisa wants Belle to be careful if she’s going to sleep with boys so she’s marched her off to see the doctor for some contraception. But it’s all very unnecessary as Belle later admits to Lisa and Zak that she’s still a virgin. Phew!

Sean thinks Dan’s weak for sticking up for Chas and Dan admits to Ali and Ruby that he thinks he’s a failure as a father. Well, he’s not a resounding success but he is getting better and Ali and Ruby tell Sean he’s lucky to have Dan as a dad, not someone like Cain. When you put it like that…