Well, Debbie told Cameron to get out, so he does. And guess where he goes? Go on, guess! Yep, that’s right! He goes to Chas! She tells him he can stay with her and he takes her up on the offer. Meanwhile, back at Tug Ghyll, Debbie has clammed up. She won’t talk to Andy (very wise) and she won’t talk to Cain (also wise; he’s not exactly a guiding star for troubled couples). But Debbie’s upset and needs to talk to someone.

Pollard’s ready to talk to Val. He and Amy take off for the airport to meet her, but they wait and wait and she doesn’t show. Maybe they missed her and she’s already at home, waiting for them! But when they get home, she’s not there, either. Where is she? It’s Diane who finds out, when Val calls her – and tells her she’s not coming home. Diane tells Pollard and has to watch, helpless, as his heart breaks.

There’s no heartbreak, but there’s a lot of anger in The Woolpack as the villagers gather to voice their opposition to Declan’s music festival – and some of them are angry at each other because not everyone is against it. Megan wants to let money talk, and puts some behind the bar. Get the villagers merry and they’ll agree to anything, eh? Well, every villager will get a free ticket for the festival, too! Oh, in that case…