Cameron proposes to Debbie!

Knowing the police are poised to set up her house for surveillance purposes, Debbie’s on a knife’s edge. She’s desperately trying to act normal around Cameron who’s lavishing her with attention, so much so that he even proposes. It’s a bitter pill for Debbie to swallow as she goes along with it and accepts. Later, Chas is in Victoria Cottage with the police, watching the action at Debbie’s as her niece does her best to get Cameron talking about his crimes.

Moira gives Cain short shrift for disappearing on her – but is stunned into silence when he produces £2K in cash! Desperation forces the cash-strapped farmer to accept the dodgy money and hand it on to Declan, who reminds her he wants the rest!

As Ruby and Ali try to scrape together the money to have a baby through IVF, Dan hears about it. Having fathered Ali’s two kids, Sean and Amelia, he has a proposal for the pair that will mean no money needs change hands.