Cameron sees Chas and has a change of heart! (VIDEO)

What’s wrong with this picture of Cameron visiting Chas in prison? It should be the other way around, that’s what!!! But Cameron’s leaving Emmerdale. He’s packed his bags at the B&B and has the grace to look ashamed as Val tells him a bigger man would have stood by Chas. He goes to see Chas in prison to say goodbye, sure it will be the last time he sees her. But when it comes to it, Cameron has a change of heart… So, is he not going to say goodbye – or is he going to confess to murder? He can’t seriously think he can go back to Emmerdale after all that he has done…

Brenda’s back in Emmerdale and meets her granddaughter Molly. Now Gennie’s got two grandmothers to boss her about! But Georgia surprises her by telling Brenda that Gennie is a wonderful mother. Peace has broken out! But there will be more tears – and not just baby Molly’s.

There’ll be tears, too, at Carl’s funeral, which is set to take place on Thursday, 1 November. But there probably won’t be many… Carl made sure he was despised by many and loved by very few.