Not knowing who’s out to get him, Cameron’s on red alert. So when another text rolls in from his blackmailer, who Cameron presumes knows about his murderous deeds, he’s totally freaked out. Moments later, he catches Adam on his phone. Later, catching up with the farmhand, angry Cameron confronts him.

It’s time for Rhona to address her addiction. After an emotional goodbye with her son Leo, the vet arrives at a rehab clinic with Paddy. But before long she’s made up her mind to go cold turkey at home with her husband’s help. Uh-oh…

Nicola earwigs as Declan discusses his money troubles with Megan. With Home Farm at risk, he must decide whether to sell his other properties to save his home. But when Steve approaches him with an offer, having been tipped off by Nicola, Declan’s not best pleased. In fact, he’s furious.