Cameron tells Charity he’s going to rescue Chas!

Halloween is approaching and Charity’s being a real horror, threatening cowardly Cameron with all sorts… But she should be careful. Cameron’s already killed once, so he might find it easier to do it again. Cameron has used the money Jimmy gave him (which was the money Carl got by blackmailing Cameron and Chas) to get Chas a lawyer. So Chas thinks Cameron’s her hero. She tells him to repay Diane the money she stole – and to tell Diane that he’s to have Chas’s share of the pub’s income while she’s in prison. Diane’s furious – and so is Charity. She lays into Cameron in front of the whole pub, but he doesn’t back down. He tells everyone he’s going to get Chas out of jail and they’re going to be together. Yeah, side by side, in a grave, if Charity and Cain have their way…

If Jimmy had his way, he would spare Carl’s kids the details of their father’s murder. But when Thomas visits the site of Carl’s death Cain is on hand to tell him Chas murdered Carl because he was trying to rape her. No one except Cameron knows that after Chas fought off Carl and fled, he found Carl alive and killed him.

Nobody knows what’s going on in Robbie’s little head, but it’s a safe bet that when Victoria flirts with him she’s flirting with trouble.