The Dingles are free to do pretty much whatever they like in their own little world – and Cameron seems to think that includes him now. But it doesn’t. Those shifts he has been enjoying at The Woolpack, where he’s been working on Chas, are over – on Debbie’s say-so. With the garage up and running again, Debbie decides Cameron doesn’t need the pub shifts any more. What he needs is time to spend with her. But what Cameron really wants is more time to spend with Chas. In fact, he wants to spend all of his time with Chas and tells her she just has to say the word and he’ll swap Dingles – Debbie for Chas. Oh, Cameron! You don’t know the Dingles at all if you think you can just do that!

Ashley doesn’t know Laurel if he thinks their family life can return to normal. He has received a caution from the police for hitting Sandy and he has resigned as vicar. Now, he thinks, he can get on with restoring his family’s faith in him. But Laurel makes it very clear that there’s more to their marriage than just what he wants.

Desperate Dan won’t give up on his marriage to Ali, either, and says he’s moving into the village. Quick! Put up the barricades!