Cameron turns on Sean!

*Second episode*

Frustrated after being caught and confronted at the B&B by Pollard, Sean knocks Debbie’s car with his football. Cameron notices and grabs the teen, threateningly, and is pulled off by Adam. When Dan hears about it, he demands Cameron pay for what he did.

As drug-addicted Rhona starts to recover, she faces up to the damage she’s done to her body. Meanwhile, in the village Vanessa lets slip to Laurel that Rhona was scoring drugs when Laurel was carjacked. Having learned the dark truth, Marlon and Laurel tell Rhona they are going to take her son Leo away for a while, for his own safety.

Noah and Jacob lie in wait at Home Farm to ambush Declan, who Noah fears is splitting Jai and Charity up. But when Declan arrives, Noah’s words of warning for Declan to stay away from Charity fall on deaf ears. Declan traps them and calls Charity, who is not best pleased.