Cameron turns on Thomas!

Cameron really doesn’t like Thomas – and that might not be good for Thomas’ health. Chas sees how strongly Cameron resents the boy’s presence but she doesn’t understand it. Yes, Thomas tormented her, but that’s over now and they need to move on. Cameron can’t do that, though, while he’s burdened with guilt of killing Carl and Alex. Cameron wants Thomas to move on – back to Dubai. He makes it clear to Thomas that he wants him out and Thomas looks worried – and so he should be. Cameron has a killer’s instinct for survival and can easily dig another grave – a Thomas-size hole – next to the one where he buried Alex.

Brenda buries her fears about her health because she doesn’t want Bob to know about them. But what’s to know? Well, it’s not good news from the hospital… The test results are in and a neurosurgeon tells Brenda she has a lesion on her brain and they need to perform a biopsy. What???? It’s not the menopause??? Afraid not.

Rachel and Sam have a date. Yes, they actually go out together in public! But they don’t feel very comfortable and rush back to Rachel’s place – where they are very comfortable, thank you.