Cameron turns to Chas! (VIDEO)

Cameron knows Debbie slept with Andy and has made himself quite clear: he doesn’t want her to see Andy. So when he hears that Andy visited Debbie the day before, he goes ballistic. Then, when Andy walks in on the row, Cameron goes nuclear – and Marlon’s caught in the fall-out when Cameron hits the pub. Chas tries to calm Cameron down and takes him through to the back room, where he spits out that he can’t stand that Debbie slept with Andy. Chas tries to defend her niece, but is shocked by a spark of chemistry between her and Cameron. Oh no, Chas… No!

There’s a spark of hope in Pollard’s heart when he hears that Val’s coming home the next day. He has missed her, but he insists he hasn’t. He also insists he can cope with a dinner booking – even though he has run out of food.

Rhona has run out of patience with Paddy and doesn’t want to hear his apology for his drunken behaviour the night before. She also has no intention of proposing to Paddy now.

*Second episode*

Having reduced Cameron’s rage to a simmering fury, Chas sends him home to talk to Debbie. Cameron is determined that he’s finished with Debbie but, face to face with her, he can’t say that. They talk and Cameron goes back to the pub to bring Chas up to speed on the latest developments… He’s not leaving Debbie but, as he tells Chas, there’s a moment between them. Back off, Chas! But it’s Debbie who backs off when Cameron goes home and says he wouldn’t leave because he can see how much Debbie needs him. She doesn’t want his pity and, furious, she tells him she doesn’t want him!

Some of the villagers don’t want Declan’s music festival. They’ve all heard about it and not all like the sound of it. In fact, Alan Turner’s starting a campaign against it (of course he is), so Katie persuades Declan and Megan to talk to the opposition. Talk or no talk, though, Megan and Declan are determined to make the festival happen.

Paddy has some talking to do, too. With a push from Victoria, he decides to propose to Rhona – but she says ‘no’! Having thought about it, Rhona’s decided she and Paddy are fine the way they are and don’t need to marry.