Cameron’s sacked for socking Carl

Well, one thing Debbie and Cameron have in common is their temper. Cameron hits the roof – and Carl – when he hears that Carl’s been linking him with dirty flirty Eve. He rushes to reassure Debbie that it’s all lies – except that he did flirt a bit. Debbie doesn’t know what to say – and she’s really not sure she wants his baby (a baby she hasn’t told him about). Still angry, Cameron goes to see Carl, who makes him even angrier when he makes a nasty comment about Debbie. That’s when Cameron thumps Carl – and loses his job.

Paddy feels like he’s losing his place in Rhona’s life. Well, that’s what he gets for putting his mate Marlon’s feelings first. Now it’s Marlon who Rhona’s listening to and she agrees with him when he says it’s time for her to stop work.

Gennie’s feeling left out by Nikhil. She’s crazy about him and he’s so smitten with Chas he hasn’t even noticed. So you can imagine how happy Gennie is when he asks her to go shopping. And you can imagine how gutted she is when he asks her to help him choose a present for Chas.

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