When Heston finds a vase on his stairs, it plays on his recent paranoia and distresses him. Believing that a door-to-door salesman who visited him the previous day must have broken in, he reports it to Rob but, as nothing’s been stolen, Rob dismisses this. Heston, however, is resolute and hires a private investigator, Hardwick, to look into it. Hardwick soon realises an unbalanced Heston means easy money and happily indulges him in return for exorbitant pay.

Hardwick begins to toy with Heston, convincing him that Haluk, a locksmith working at Heston’s house that day, is the culprit. When Heston can’t prove it, Hardwick enjoys his client’s embarrassment and tries to fleece him, which pushes Heston over the edge. He flings the vase at Hardwick, resulting in a trip to the police station. As Rob sees off Hardwick, Heston’s worried for his own state of mind and determined to set up CCTV in the house to discover what’s really going on…

Meanwhile, Despite Viv’s recommendation that she leave Josh to his own devices, Mrs Tembe can’t help but check up on him at the church café. When Josh confides in Mrs Tembe that he’s considering asking Claire on a date, Mrs Tembe is curious: has he told her about his past – the rapes? Defensively, Josh insists Claire knows everything and, accepting this as the truth, Mrs Tembe encourages him to go for it!