Aaron arrives home from Paris and is eager to support both Tyler and Mark in the aftermath of Hamish’s death. When Aaron arrives back in Ramsay Street, he feels uneasy by Mark and Tyler’s out of character behaviour. Later, Mark discovers that the latest autopsy tests on Hamish are inconclusive and it can’t be decided if Hamish died from being hit on the head or by drowning in the spa.

Later, when, Mark, Aaron and Tyler have a private chat, Tyler tells his brothers that, in the heat of the moment, he hit Hamish over the head with a gnome. Tyler continues his confession, but says Hamish was still alive after he hit him. Mark reassures Tyler he’s not responsible for Hamish’s death, but will Mark and Aaron be able to keep Tyler’s secret from the police?

It’s not just Hamish’s death that is playing on Aaron’s mind. He constantly keeps thinking about his encounter with his ex, Rory, in Paris, but doesn’t want to tell David. Amy says if nothing happened, then why say anything? Will Aaron take her advice?

Meanwhile, Paul’s in a dilemma. He doesn’t know if he should make his relationship with Courtney real, but after speaking to Leo, he asks her for more time to think about what he really wants from her. However, Amy drops a bombshell that leaves Paul stunned…

Also, Amy and Steph’s friendship is under pressure, as Amy refuses to reveal the identity of the mystery investor. Can the women get the friendship back on track? And why do the police want to speak to Amy about Hamish’s death?