Henri’s arrest has sent shockwaves through the store and a worried Agnes goes to see him at the police station where he explains to her that he was in Germany to track down his ex lover Valerie. Victor then cleverly tricks Thackeray into admitting that he accused Henri and Grove orders him go to the station to retract his statement. Henri is cleared, but Grove reveals to Rose that he has been accused of theft in New York and is still a wanted man.

Agnes, is also fearful for her brother George when she receives a telegram, while one of Gordon’s friends from the loading bay has been killed in action.

Rose finds out that Harry is secretly in Germany, but Loxley stirs up more intrigue when, due to the contract he was overseeing, he is blamed for the poor quality boots that are being used by soldiers. It’s not long before Loxley speaks to Frank and tries to frame Harry instead, which results in a newspaper article accusing Harry of profiteering from the war.

Meanwhile Mae decides she has to leave Loxley and, after a conversation with Grove, Miss Mardle speaks to Florian, who confesses that he is in love with her.