Maxine’s worried about Patrick when Theresa tells her he ended up in hospital following Darren’s ‘attack’. Dr S’Avage tells Patrick his condition has progressed and Theresa urges him to start taking the recommended medication. Sienna tells Nico about Patrick’s MND. Theresa thinks she’s doing Patrick a favour by attending the governors’ meeting at school, but only embarrasses herself. However, she soon manages to win the governors round.

At the hospital, Maxine takes Patrick to meet Ailsa who is also living with MND and they are both inspired by her love of life. Later, Patrick agrees to take the recommended drugs. He tells Maxine he loves her and gives her the necklace – and Theresa has witnessed everything!

Trevor is released from custody and Grace is waiting for him outside. As they embrace, a furious Kim watches. Sienna lies to Darren that she thinks she saw Trevor’s car outside Ben’s flat when Carly was murdered. Meanwhile, Kim tells Frankie that she’s Esther’s next of kin and can take Curtis home. Trevor and Grace are furious when they see Frankie leaving the hospital with their baby, while Kim watches from the sidelines.

Also, Robbie panics when he finds Jason being sick in the toilet and blames himself for putting too much pressure on his brother. Later, Robbie asks Trevor if he can work with him again.