Can Al be the one to help Mandy?

Howard, Zara, Emma, Mrs Tembe, Al and Heston are all worried about Mandy and can’t decide what to do to help. Some think someone should go and see her… and that someone ends up being Al. That morning, Mandy in pyjamas, answers the door – it’s Al with a cake – and shuts the door in his face. Al knocks on the window – she closes the curtains. He knocks on the patio door – Mandy threatens to call the police.

When Al eats all the cake, Mandy brings him some water and refuses to engage but when he suggests she’s just emotionally stunted, she slaps him. When Al says she should move on, that she and Freya had only been together five minutes, Mandy calls him a misogynistic slob who uses sarcasm to hide his insecurities. Al concedes she might be right but he’s not in crisis – how many more people will get hurt while she indulges in self-pity?

Mandy admits that she can’t get past losing Freya, that she wanted Lois to be her and that what happened with Lois was all her own fault. Al leaves with Mandy’s promise that she’ll be in on Monday – and he’ll get cake. Back at The Mill, Al assures Howard that Mandy will be back on Monday. At home, Mandy inspects the barbeque and the remains of Freya’s things, bundles everything into a bin bag and goes inside…

Also, Heston is left frustrated by an incompetent drugs rep – but is everything as it seems?