Can Al beat Emma in the race for sign-ups?

Having both taken Howard’s threat to heart, Emma and Al return for day two of the fresher’s fair ready to sign students up to the surgery. Emma has arranged a multi-media examination clinic inspired by Embarrassing Bodies, while Al has designed a new phone app, which is a tamagotchi-like man who enables students to see the direct impacts of short-and-long-term alcohol abuse, which he has linked to several drinks promotions and pub crawls. It’s educational and fun! 

When Al insists his cutting-edge idea will attract many more sign-ups than Emma’s 20th Century offering, the battle lines are drawn. Emma’s Embarrassing Bodies clinic is an instant hit, while Al’s app crashes the few phones he downloads it onto. But he refuses to help out until Howard turns up and chastises him for fiddling on his phone when Emma needs his help. As Emma achieves 500 sign-ups, Howard dismisses Al’s efforts – which have yielded just 30 names – when Karen calls…

It turns out The Mill’s website and entire IT infrastructure has crashed because of unprecedented traffic – no fewer than 47,000 people have tried to register with The Mill today to download Al’s app. Al’s ecstatic – 47,000?! That’s nearly 100 times more than Emma managed. Yes, Howard says, most of whom aren’t even resident in the UK. He’s brought the IT equivalent of a riot to The Mill and now Howard has to clear up the mess. But, to Al, all that matters is Emma’s been defeated!

Also, a university student gets a rather awkward proposition from his best friend, which Jimmi has to help him find the mature response to.