Al wakes with worsening toothache and phones in sick, painfully aware he also has an appointment at Jimmi’s dentist that day. As Jimmi arrives to take him, Al gets a call from dentist, Derrick Dwyer, who enjoys winding ‘scaredy-cat’ Al up a bit. Jimmi forces him out of the door but not before Al can grab a Star Wars’ Yoda figure for support, and it’s not long before he finds himself in the dentist’s chair…

Derrick refuses Al’s request for a general anaesthetic so, as his tooth is being worked on, Al clasps Yoda tightly and screams so loud he can be heard by Jimmi outside. Derrick lectures Al on his bad hygiene and his diet but it’s soon all over and Al’s ecstatic to find the pain has finally gone. 

Meanwhile, a nervous Valerie gives a passionate speech to Howard about why she’s so brilliant at her job and why he should give her a permanent position. Howard listens but informs her that once Karen’s well enough to resume her full duties, Valerie will be surplus to requirements. Valarie struggles not to show resentment when Mandy comments on how well Karen is doing and later vows that she WILL get this job!

Also, Kevin is surprised when a separated couple come to see him, but nothing could prepare him for the man’s shocking request.