Can Al help Ayesha with her grief?

Ayesha needs all the support she can get...

Mrs Tembe and Emma are worried as Ayesha has gone AWOL. Mrs Tembe tells Al about Bren’s death. When Al gets home he finds Ayesha there and he gives her a box of Bren’s belongings that Amber passed onto him. However, seeing Bren’s possessions cause Ayesha to break down in floods of tears. Al wants to comfort Ayesha, so he suggests they do a jigsaw puzzle.

At first, Ayesha scoffs at the suggestion, but eventually gives in. As the pair do the puzzle together and Ayesha talks about her feelings, Al connects with her as he discusses the loss of his father. He encourages Ayesha not to blame herself and Ayesha says she no longer does; she blames two other people for her mother’s death. Who will be in the firing line according to Ayesha?

Meanwhile, Rob’s trying to stay distracted and Karen finds him spring cleaning the garage. She tries to give him space but eventually she gets him to open up about Bren’s death. Rob says he’s doing OK and has made a big decision about his role in the police forceā€¦.