Following her visit to The Mill yesterday, Fliss returns to tell Al she’s pregnant and wants a termination. Al’s impressed she’s done her research and is aware of the type of procedure she’ll need but he’s concerned she doesn’t want her parents to know – her mother, Grace, is against abortion. After much consideration, Al makes Fliss an appointment with a specialist clinic before giving her money for a taxi. But Fliss has one more favour to ask – could he come with her?

Meanwhile, Valerie not-so-subtly tries to tell Heston how much of an asset she is to the Practice and shows him a ‘Thank You’ poster made by the children on the cancer ward, for their efforts with the Christmas panto, which brings her to tears. Heston tries to reassure her she’ll be back and, later, she plants a big kiss on his face to thank him for making her Cinderella.

Also, Karen finds herself drawn in when a glamorous socialite comes to Letherbridge with a hidden agenda.