Can Al help with Eddie’s woman trouble?

Al is called out to see Eddie, an obese patient with agoraphobia who’s suffered a panic attack. Eddie says he’s got woman trouble – he developed an online relationship with a local woman called Hazel, who also has agoraphobia but ever since telling her he was ready to leave his house to visit her, she hasn’t responded. When Al goes to investigate he discovers Hazel doesn’t in fact have agoraphobia – she actually has Koumpounophobia, a fear of buttons!

Fearful of Eddie’s reaction to her embarrassing phobia and her lies, Hazel stepped away from the relationship. She swears Al to secrecy, so Eddie’s devastated when Al reports back. Determined to face her, Eddie goes to Hazel’s house, only for the agoraphobia to get the better of him and he has a panic attack, so Al’s called out again and he pleads with Hazel to let them in. As Eddie learns the truth about Hazel’s phobia, all is forgiven and it’s clear they are made for each other.

Meanwhile, Heston – unaware of his sleepwalking exploits last night – wakes to find his table set and is deeply unsettled. When he discovers his CCTV footage has not been saved to his laptop, he worries someone has tampered with the footage. When Heston returns home that evening, he’s more scared than ever… despite the CCTV.

Also, a keen Toni manages to talk Daniel into an extra dance lesson. They’ve improved so much that Andy asks them to do a demonstration for one of his beginners’ classes. When the demonstration is hailed a great success, Toni is in high spirits. And it’s clear Toni is becoming dangerously attracted to Daniel…