Al’s been up all night working on his latest invention so he’s tired and unimpressed when Daniel tells him he’ll be doing his three-month review.  Irked by Al’s lack of interest, Daniel makes it clear to Al his review should be taken seriously. Al’s struggling to stay awake as he talks to Shona Ingle and her husband Aiden. Shona is concerned about Aiden who had a high temperature, headaches and sickness that morning.

As Aiden insists on going off to work, Shona’s left to tell Al about Aiden’s distant behaviour and her worries he might be having an affair… and realises Al has nodded off! As she storms out, Daniel tells Al to call her and make things right. By lunchtime, Al is hungry and can’t be bothered.  But as he’s on his way back with a sandwich he spots Shona’s florist shop on the high street and a slight pang of guilt sends him inside.

There, he finds Shona more worried than before – Aiden hasn’t turned up for work – and reveals that, that morning, Aiden was sick from the smell of roses. Meanwhile, we see Aiden at home in a darkened room, ignoring the ringing phone while music blasts in the background. Al returns to the Mill, where Karen reminds him that Daniel is waiting to see him for his review – does he want to work at the Mill or not?!

Al goes to see Daniel but dashes off when Shona calls. Al finds Aiden at home in a paranoid state and takes him to hospital before rushing back to Daniel. He shares his diagnosis of encephalitis but says his review will have to wait. Aiden then turns up at The Mill but when he thinks he can smell gas and accuses Al of trying to poison him, Daniel helps Al restrain Aiden before he collapses in a seizure and is taken to hospital.

Later, Al awaits Daniel’s wrath but is surprised to be given praise for saving Aiden’s life. Daniel says that despite a rocky start to the day he was impressed to see Al put his patients above himself. His review is over – now he just needs to do the same again tomorrow… and the day after…