Can Alf help Tamara before it’s too late?

A concerned Leah turns up to tell Alf that Tamara didn’t make it home from yesterday’s search. Unbeknownst to everyone, Tamara lies on the side of the road, hidden from view. She was the unfortunate victim of Oscar’s hit and run last night. Alf pulls his car up near some bushland and is surprised to hear a mobile phone ringing, which leads him to Tamara. He rushes her to hospital, where Nate immediately tends to her. Still disoriented, Tamara explains to Leah and Nate that she was hit by a car.

When Heath and Brax return from the search without Harley and Darcy, tensions run high. Angry at Bianca for not supervising the children properly, Heath blows up at her, causing Brax to step in. The next morning, Darcy’s mobile phone is tracked to several areas around the Bay, so Alf splits the search party in two.

Brax mentions calling Connie but Heath doesn’t want to risk losing Darcy. When Heath returns home without the children once again, he and Bianca make up. Darcy, meanwhile, has walked further into the bush. When the hungry baby stops crying, Darcy gets worried and calls Heath: something has happened to Harley.

John apologises to Jett for forgetting his birthday the previous year and discovers that Jett has never celebrated his birthday before. So John promises to give him the best birthday ever this time around.