Amelia tells Emma about Stuart, the man she considers her father and is shocked to learn that not only were Emma and Howard expecting a baby, but that Emma miscarried as well. Emma is left alone as Amelia storms out, but is relieved when she returns to apologise. She has decided to accept Howard’s inheritance, to Emma’s great relief. 

Ayesha’s worried that Sid’s working too hard, especially when she finds him asleep in the staffroom. While he’s juggling patients and phone calls, Ayesha brings him some lunch. Later, Valerie finds Sid in the staff room where he collapses onto the floor. Valerie panics, as Heston and Mrs Tembe come to his aid…

Sid’s embarrassed by everyone fussing around him and Ayesha vents her anger at Sid for not looking after himself. Heston reiterates this more calmly, and tells Sid he could jeopardise his career if he carries on this way. 

Also, Niamh and Barry are concerned when a student imitates a superhero to thwart a thief on campus.