Can Amy forgive Ste for the accident?

On her way to meet Josh for their date, Amy bumps into Ste. He tries to make amends with Amy, but she’s wary, unconvinced he’s changed. Later, Amy loses patience waiting for Josh to turn up and takes her frustrations out on Ste, berating him for leaving her for dead in the car crash. Ste promises her he’s changed and Amy begins to soften towards him. Meanwhile, Josh desperately tries to find Amy to apologise for his no show, but it looks like it may be too late.

Jake is irritated when Nancy tells him she’s planning to go out with some mates from college and begins to worry that Nancy is more interested in partying than him. His paranoia gets worse when he calls Nancy and a male voice answers. Unsure exactly what Nancy is up to, Jake decides to find out for himself.

Katy is feeling stressed out as she prepares for her first day at college, and is in no mood for Warren’s jokes. Elsewhere, John-Paul is equally nervous, and when he runs into Katy, she mistakes him for a sex pest. Amused by Katy’s first impression of John-Paul, Warren informs his sister that she got the wrong end of the stick – John-Paul is gay.