Can Amy resist Liam’s charms?

Liam confesses how much he’s missed his son, and her, and how much he regrets his actions of the past. Despite her conflicted feelings, Amy gives in and kisses him, with Liam angling to stay the night. Kyle overhears Liam take a call and it sounds like he owes money to someone. He tries to warn Amy that Liam appears to be in debt again, but she cuts his warning short – he needs to butt out of her private life.

Nate and Aaron argue over Aaron’s first dinner at the Kennedys, leaving Aaron, who invited himself, to suspect Nate only agreed to it because he was put on the spot. Nate confesses he wanted to be alone with Aaron, so Aaron sends Karl and Susan out for dessert and Nate’s plans are back on track.

Sonya’s suffering from a red-back spider bite and Toadie realises he will have to withdraw his tender for the lucrative legal case he was chasing and they will have to dip into the benefit fund to help them along. But they’re devastated to discover the cash is missing.