Can Andrew ‘lose’ his embarrassing car?

Embarrassed by the car his dad bought him for his birthday, Andrew avoids driving it and asks Chris how much it would cost to have it re-sprayed. When Andrew considers crashing or burning the car, Summer is alarmed! Desperate to get rid of it, Andrew leaves the keys in the ignition in the hope someone will steal it. When Andrew and Summer return to find the car missing, Andrew puts on a convincing act of being upset. However, his happiness quickly evaporates when he returns home to find Paul has driven the car home.

With Sophie always practising the guitar, Callum feels left out so decides to take up an instrument himself; the drums. However, it doesn’t get the response from Sophie that Callum was hoping for, and she’s reluctant to bring her guitar over to Callum’s so they can play together.

With his marriage falling apart, and constant reminders of Jim at the hospital, Karl’s distracted and snappy with his colleagues. When Karl messes up by writing the wrong dosage on a patient form, he’s shocked when Rhys takes the blame, knowing that Karl isn’t coping. However, Rhys expects to be rewarded for his good deed, and tells Karl he wants an introduction to head of surgery, Martin Chambers.