Andrew is determined to make money from Tash’s maths talent but his idea for a blackjack website would fall foul of the gambling laws, so he comes up with another idea – an odds calculator… that will need Ed’s programming skills. Andrew believes he can talk Ed into helping but fails dismally and decides Tash can bring him round. Realising she has little choice, she traces Ed to the playing fields where she discovers Ed has an unusual hobby.

Paul is determined to regain his job as editor and orchestrates a meeting between Susan and Zoe, confident the two will clash. Zoe comes up with several ideas for the paper but Susan is less than enthusiastic and when Zoe realises that this is all part of Paul’s plan she catches up with Susan to apologise. However, Zoe’s offended when Susan takes a call from Toadie in the middle of her apology and the two fall out. Fired up, Zoe tells Paul she’s back on board and determined to oust Susan from the editorship.

Lucas is concerned when he thinks Rhys has spent the night with Vanessa, but she puts him in his place and challenges him to get over his issues with her.