Can Andrew redeem himself?

Andrew has had a change of heart, and admits he’s desperate to stay in Erinsborough. He has a redemption plan, and suddenly he’s out doing good deeds in the community. In the classroom, he’s keen to show Libby that he’s serious about being coach of the soccer team. Will she give him another chance?

Rebecca tells Paul that she thinks Andrew may have turned over a new leaf, but can Paul be convinced that after everything, he’s worthy of staying? But nothing is ever easy with Andrew, and he has another plan up his sleeve…

Donna is still posing undercover as ‘Kelly’, and is looking to unearth more about her potential father, Nick. With Zeke’s support, she goes to a staff brunch at Nick’s pub. Luckily for Donna, the more she finds out about Nick, the more she likes. He seems to be the really nice person that she was desperately hoping he would be.

Zeke encourages her to be upfront and tell him who she really is, and that she shouldn’t be scared to confront him as at least she would have tried her best. But nothing ever seems to go well for Donna, and perhaps Nick isn’t all that he seems.

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