At Summer’s leaving party, Tash finds out that Summer hasn’t listened to Andrew’s message and gets hold of the camera and watches it herself. Stunned by what he says, she rushes over to Andrew’s, telling him he has to see Summer before she goes. But still Andrew doesn’t see the point, either way, she’s leaving and there’s nothing he can do. However, watching from the window as the Scullys drive off, Andrew finally does the right thing and chases the car down the street. When Summer gets out, he tells her he loves her and Lyn is horrified when Summer says she’s not leaving.

Harold is thrilled when Carolyn arrives in Erinsborough, and Toadie’s embarrassed when he walks in on them kissing! At Charlie’s, Harold and Carolyn confront Troy, in a bid to help Toadie, but it backfires when Carolyn bribes Troy, asking how much it will take for him to leave. When Toadie finds out, he’s furious and tells Harold that all he’s done since he arrived is mess up and to stay out of it from now on. Standing up for Harold, a feisty Carolyn tells Toadie that Harold would do anything for him and Toadie’s throwing it back in his face. The old friends make up.

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