Denny decides to speak to Andy about his decision to break up with Hannah and he admits his relationship with Hannah is doomed because she’s too good for him. Denny tells Hannah to speak to Andy, and the pair kiss and make up.

Alf tells Roo, Maddy, Marilyn and John about the positive progress he’s making in therapy. Roo and Alf’s attention then turns to Maddy as she’s suffering from a loss of appetite, but the pair also discuss that her tumor has decreased in size.

Josh tells Evelyn and Oscar that he wants to become an engineer, so they encourage him to talk to Leah at careers day. Later, Oscar decides to avoid Maddy, but that may prove difficult when the gang decide to throw her a party to celebrate her health progress.

Leah swears VJ to secrecy about the extent of her health problems but when Matt makes a joke she is pushed to the brink. Unable to handle things, Leah breaks down in tears. Matt and VJ decide to tell Zac exactly what has been going on.