Following instructions from Clare, Dr. Browning concocts a plan to rescue Mercedes and leaves the ransom in an Atwell’s bag in the gym changing room, unaware Leanne’s identical gym bag has been left there too. Clare grabs the bag but when she opens it, it’s full of sweaty gym gear.

Scorned and furious, Clare locks Mercedes in a cage and dumps her in the middle of a scrap yard, guarded by three Dobermans. She decides that Browning deserves to be punished and leads him to Mercedes, but then knocks him unconscious and locks him in there too.

Leanne decides she can’t keep the truth about Will’s stalking from Texas anymore. Will panics and faced with a life-changing decision he kisses Leanne to silence her. It’s clear that Leanne is happy, for now.

Also, Tom is left petrified by rumours of Clare Devine’s return.