Can Arthur be Chantelle’s hero?

It’s the morning after the night of the mugging and Arthur’s desperate to prove he’s not a coward after he failed to help a wounded Chantelle. Arthur’s shocked when Chantelle arrives on shift and he worries she’s back at work too soon. But the plucky nurse insists she’s fine and doesn’t need him or anyone else fussing over her. They’re both surprised when teen Cameron arrives on the ward, injured from what he says was a fall.

But Arthur’s suspicious when Cameron’s story doesn’t add up and he fears he’s the one who attacked them. Arthur’s smug when Cameron admits he was involved but kind-hearted Chantelle believes he’s sorry and begs Arthur not to call the police. However, Cameron’s true colours soon emerge and, when he grabs Chantelle by the neck, it’s Arthur who saves her and, later, the pair kiss. Is this the start of a beautiful romance?

Meanwhile, Mo tries to ignore William’s first birthday, but when a familiar patient arrives needing her help, will she be able to maintain her distance?

And Harry discovers it’s Mary-Claire’s birthday and realises she thinks he’s got surprise plans for her. Can he wriggle out of them – or will he make her day special?