Can Ashley save his marriage?

Ashley is in the doghouse with Claire over his affair with Casey and he’s spent the night on the sofa. Claire is also furious with Audrey when she realises that Audrey knew about the affair all along. Ashley is determined to fight for his marriage but Claire is cold and refuses to speak to him. Ashley is dismayed and wonders whether he’ll ever be able to salvage their relationship.

David spots Darryl shooting cans with an air rifle in next door’s garden and he invites him over so he can have a practice. Gail is hurt when she returns home to find David using the models he made for her in infants’ school as target practice and she comes down tough on him for his behaviour.

Hayley is uncomfortable about keeping secrets from Roy when she has to lie about the money she’s taken out to pay the private investigator. Becky reassures Hayley that it’s for the best, but Hayley is worried.

Also, Violet has her first craving and Sean books the afternoon off to go with her to her scan.