Mrs Tembe accompanies Ayesha on her house calls and is determined to teach her about ‘efficiency and time management’. Their ‘patient’ is a recovering heroin addict, Darren, and his baby. Ayesha has taken round food for the baby and also gives him words of encouragement.

Mrs Tembe softens and takes an active part in helping out. As they are leaving, Mrs Tembe makes a comment about the baby’s mother, which Ayesha takes the wrong way. She turns on Mrs Tembe and angrily criticises her attitude. Mrs Tembe accepts the criticism but tells Ayesha to ‘stop when you have won’.

Also, Kevin discovers that the amended cremation certificates were signed by the same doctor. Kevin discovers that the doctor is fictitious but that he shares an office with his new boss, Dr Houghton. Kevin suddenly realises he has been chosen by Mr Harris and Stuart Houghton as he is ‘weak and corruptible’.