Can Ayesha and Sid really just be friends?

Ayesha and Sid hit a club but Ayesha freaks out when Sid throws her a seductive look. Sid tells her the looks were aimed at someone else not her! At the end of the night, Ayesha throws up all over Sid who exclaims that romance is definitely well and truly dead!

Rob and Karen’s neighbour, Raina, asks them to look after her two children, Cain and Ava. Later, Rob and Karen head next door and Raina explains that she accidentally ran over the family dog. But Cain and Ava enter having heard everything and confirm they hated that dog anyway.

Emma and Al are at Howard’s house boxing things up for charity and the pair reminisce about some of their best memories of him. Later, Al discovers Emma was pregnant and she admits she’s not sure she even wanted the baby now.