Bailey confides in Josh about his looming fight with Jayden, and decides to try to buy him off with some beer. The plan works and Bailey is saved. In fact, Jayden is so impressed he invites Bailey over to his house to party. After the party, Bailey drunkenly sneaks in through the back door.

Imogen is disappointed to learn her father is going to hide his hiring of a private eye from Terese. Amber surprises her by pointing out that maybe Imogen’s standards are too high, which is why she’s constantly disappointed when the men in her life turn out to be human. Surprised by her accurate appraisal, Imogen approaches Brad and agrees to keep his secret – but if Terese asks her directly, she refuses to lie for him.

Matt gets Lauren to commit to a lunch date, the first step in organising their vow renewal. Susan volunteers to find some inspiring pieces to get Matt started on writing vows for himself and Lauren to recite. But when she goes looking on the net, she’s disappointed by the offerings. On hearing this, Karl interviews their neighbours, presenting the small, personal moments to Susan, who is moved and thrilled by what he’s done for her.