Can Ben and Jay hold it together?

Ben is almost too calm as he answers the police’s questions while Jay is agitated, but manages to stick to the story. Rose worries that Andrew might be under suspicion and lies to the police about his whereabouts that evening. Dot and Cora return home to discover there has been a murder. The ladies are horrified when Patrick confirms it was Heather. Patrick asks Fat Boy to come over and comfort Dot, who is in shock.

Andrew is taken in for questioning and Shirley clocks him. Andrew realises he’s in a lot of trouble when the police mention the recently cancelled church wedding. Andrew explains that he and Heather were going to elope. But when the envelope containing Dot’s gift turns up without the actual money, Andrew is accused of plotting to murder Heather and steal the cash. Andrew is arrested for murder.

Meanwhile, Jay thinks Ben’s twisted because of his lack of compassion over Heather’s death. Ben produces Jay’s bloodstained top, leaving Jay reeling. Ian visits the Mitchells’ and it soon becomes clear that Ian told Marsden about Ben’s lies, not Heather. The family watch as Heather’s body is taken away. Phil disappears down an alley and breaks down, terrified for Ben’s future.