Can Ben rid the Mitchells of Gavin?

Phil comes home from hospital and tries to get back to normality. Learning that Gavin has been trying to contact Kathy, Ben suggests to Phil they get Marsden involved after all. Ben’s request doesn’t go down well with Phil. Determined to sort the family out, Ben convinces Phil to get a panic alarm, then meets with Gavin to give him a choice. Ben thinks Gavin has gone for good, but we later see him returning to the Square…

Kush lies to Martin his decision to call off the wedding was just last-minute nerves. After encouragement from Martin to talk things through with Shabnam, Kush tells Shabnam he knows what’s really going on. Angry when Shabnam won’t listen to him, Kush walks out. Later they meet up and agree to get married after all – but for the right reasons.

Mick bumps into Shirley in the Square, secretly heading to her flat to talk. Forced to hide when Dean turns up, Mick is frustrated, telling Shirley they need to stop all the secrecy. Meanwhile, Whitney begs Fatboy to give Lee another chance after he turns up late for work with a hangover.

Also, Martin tells Kush he’s going to propose to Stacey.