Heath confronts Bianca and tries to explain his side of the story but they argue and Zac steps in. Heath admits to Zac that when he rang Bianca from Melbourne, Zac answered the phone and Heath assumed that he and Bianca were on. Later, Leah tells Zac that he should fix the situation.

Zac tells Bianca what Heath said. A nice moment between them quickly becomes charged and Ricky witnesses it. Meanwhile, Heath knows his relationship is over and starts packing to leave town. Later, Ricky pleads with Bianca to not let Heath go and Bianca finally relents, the wedding is back on.

Sasha is appalled to learn that Indi spent the night with Chris. Later, Chris encourages Indi to close-up early and the pair disappear into the office. Meanwhile, Sasha is one the phone to Dex, trying to get him and April to tell Indi that Chris can’t be at the house all the time, but Dex is suggests that Sasha should give them a chance.

They head into the gym and walk in on Chris and Indi being intimate in the office and they flee. When Chris and Indi find them later Spencer tells Chris that he has to move out of the van.