Blessing offers to make a wedding dress for Maxine, who gives her friend a book of wedding ideas and urges her to look at a particular page. However, when Blessing and Dennis look at the page, they see Maxine has found a way for them to come to the flat without being seen – she will turn the flower in the window when Patrick leaves.

Cameron tells Ziggy that whoever left the evidence in his car, also left a hair that the police are examining. Ziggy confesses to Leela that it was him and Sam that set Cameron up and Leela slaps him. Cameron meets Peri and realises that Leela never had the abortion and that Peri is actually his child. Sam panics when she finds out and decides they all have to leave Hollyoaks tomorrow. Leela won’t go and is crushed that Sam is going to take away her daughter.

Cindy imagines that Rhys has suggested they go alone without Hilton but Cindy refuses to leave him. She hides her money but Holly finds it in the freezer!

Mercedes spots the plane tickets that Cindy had booked to go to Hawaii. She invites Cindy out for a drink while Phoebe breaks into Cindy’s flat to get their money.